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Order can be held open 2 weeks from the initial order, please write it as mesage in first order, if not, I'll send you the invoice within 1-2 days



Within 7 days from the invoice

- Paypal EUR



Please double-check your address. We will use the Paypal address for shipping, if you need your items shipped to other address, please use the buyer's note when you submit the order.

REGISTERED MAIL (for orders without insurance I'm not responsible for lost shipments)

GROUPS (total order+packing):EuropeAmerica


        up to 250gr€ 12.70€ 16.50€ 17.95
        up to 350gr€ 14.25€ 18.65€ 23.90
        up to 1kg€ 19.35€ 26.90€ 35.90
        up to 2kg€ 28.45€ 40.35€ 50.90

For orders over 2kg please contact me